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FGT is able to guarantee to automotive producers, high quality components and a real impact on life cycle costs.


FGT offers manufacturers in the mechanical and heating systems systems sectors with a series of highly dependable solutions which meet the strictest technical and environmental standards.


FGT offers farm machinery manufacturers solutions offering the best possible response to strict requirements for efficiency and environmental compatibility.

Our foundry has been a sub-supplier of light alloy casts in earth since 1972. Established to cast prototypes and small series using small-scale production systems, the foundry gradually extended its work to produce medium to large series, while renewing its layout and production technologies.

We now have three smelting furnaces with a capacity of four thousand kg of metal a day, four electric holding furnaces, an automatic system (flask mould dimensions 700x600x220+220) with the capacity to produce 50 flask moulds/hour, a semiautomatic system (flask mould dimensions 800x800x300+300) and a robot-operated casting system.

Tools are made to our own designs and technical instructions by partners equipped to read and convert all kinds of 2D/3D files via igs, stp, sat, pro/e interfaces for 3D and dwg, dxf for 2D, with whom we have a professional business relationship.

We send project files by email, allowing our customers to view the state of progress on the project at any time and oversee exactly how it is being implemented.
New tools are designed and made using CAD-CAM technology which allows us to work with workstations and mills with numerical control, promoting greater dimensional precision, shorter delivery times and lower prices.

F.G.T. Srl’s production of cores for casting is synonymous with quality and rapid service, producing ashland cores as well as boxless moulds obtained with chemical procedures for producing casts of considerable size and/or special casts.
We determine whether to construct models and core cases out of wood or casting resin, resin in boards, aluminium or cast iron on the basis of the number of casts to be produced.

Our product range, made to our customers’ designs, is highly diversified and includes complex and sealed casts in light primary and secondary alloys completed with heat treatments and/or mechanical processing In response to the customer’s requests. In addition to our well-known production of earth casts, we have now completed our product range with a new type, the shell.

F.G.T srl works in compliance with Standard UNI EN ISO 9002.

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